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Our life's work is creating memorable Montana trips for our guests
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You’re looking for a Montana vacation with local hosts who know the land, the wildlife, and the outdoor recreation – and work to make your stay comfortable, welcoming, and memorable.

Our life’s work is doing just that.

We first purchased land in the Ruby Valley after growing up in Butte, Montana, in the early 1980s.

Since then, we’ve been riding horses, hunting, and fly fishing in this area, often taking friends along to share in our adventures.

Eventually, we started dreaming about opening a guest ranch and bringing more people on our excursions.

In June 1993, we decided to go for it and went to work building the Montana lodge we’re proud to host our guests in.

Just one year later we opened Broken Arrow Lodge and have gratefully shared our Montana hunting, fly fishing, and ranching lifestyle with guests since then.

We look forward to serving you and making your Montana vacation amazing!

Erwin & Sherry Clark
Owners • Erwin Clark, Outfitter #5715

Our Staff



Owner, Manager, & Outfitter

Erwin Clark is owner, manager, outfitter, and handles maintenance. Erwin is mostly on the rivers guiding fishing or in the mountains guiding hunting. He also takes out his share of the horse rides and keeps things running, clean, neat and organized.

Outfitter #5715



Owner, Manager, Guide & Cook

Shery Clark is owner, manager, guide, cook, and bookkeeper. She loves the outdoors, animals, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and catering to the guests of Broken Arrow Lodge.



Guide & Trainer

Chris Clark is Erwin and Sherry’s son so he grew up in the business. His position is to train the guides. His passion is snowmobiling, hunting and fishing. He is a top notch hunting and fishing guide and enjoys people. He also is a wrangler when needed.