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Erwin and Sherry and some of our crew at Broken Arrow's Montana lodge
Sherry and Erwin Clark,
Broken Arrow Lodge owners

Meet our Crew!


Meet Erwin and Sherry…

Thank you for visiting our Montana lodge online! Broken Arrow Lodge is our home and our life’s work. Erwin is a licensed Montana outfitter (#5715). As Montana natives, we welcome you to visit our backcountry lodge and share the beauty and wonder of this pristine area.

We were both born and raised in Butte, Montana. Our two children are grown and raising little ones of their own now. Wendy and her husband have a trucking company in Billings and have three little girls. Chris works with us and has two little girls and a baby boy. We have always loved the outdoors, hunting, fly fishing, and horseback riding. So, after working at service jobs for 16 years, we decided to pursue our dream to operate a guest ranch.

In 1984, we bought our first horses and began riding all over the Ruby Valley. Every day off and every vacation, we were riding horses, hunting or fly fishing — often taking friends along to share in our adventures. In 1985, we purchased 20 acres with Erwin’s parents, Tom and Johanna Clark. We now owned a raw piece of land without a road! The sellers, our friends Bill and Linda Larson, cut in a rough road with a Caterpillar tractor. In 1986, we hauled in gravel and spread it ourselves with hand shovels to improve the road. We cut down huge trees to make the bridge and Bill placed them for us with his ‘Cat’. We hired a contractor to complete the toughest part of the project — the road on the hill.

In May 1986, we started construction of our cabin and completed it in August. It was a 24' x 24' wood frame structure with a front room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, and a bathroom. This area is now the front room with two bedrooms used for storage and one used for guests. In 1997, we added an additional little cabin next to the lodge for our Montana lodge staff. The hot tub used to be in this cabin and it is still referred to as the ‘Hot Tub House’. In 2002, we moved the hot tub to the front porch. We built our Montana lodge in June of 1993 and opened for business in 1994. We now have seven guest rooms — two have private baths and three extra bathrooms accommodate the rest.

We have a lot of domestic animals at our Montana lodge in keeping with our country lifestyle. We have 17 horses and 8 mules that are great, hardworking animals between 5 and 22 years old. In the lodge you'll meet our black lab, Kena, and our two cats — Mittens and Daisy Duke. Hilda and Turkey are two turkeys that we raised in addition to the goose and ducks that hang around on the river.

In 1997, we hired a contractor to dig a pond which is now stocked with 200 Rainbow trout that are 12-14 inches and up. We have a crew of a wrangler or two, a cook, and a housekeeper for the summer. For the hunting season, we employ two guides besides Erwin. For the fly fishing season we have several guides we work with, including Erwin and Sherry. Sherry is the breakfast cook and bookkeeper. Our son, Chris, works with us and is a top guide. Hanna has been with us for a year and a half, she is the dinner cook, but is never limited to that. She may be out on a horse, cleaning house, or taking guests to the airport. She may even accompany guests to Nevada City and Virginia City during a Deluxe Dude Ranch Vacation.

In our spare time we go fly fishing as much as possible with the Ruby being our choice river. During hunting season, we try to get some time in for both archery hunting — our favorite — and rifle hunting. April to December we're busy taking care of our guests; January and February we're on the road doing sports shows. Upon our return, we go fly fishing as much as possible. When we get snow, Sherry enjoys snowshoeing and viewing the elk across from the lodge.

Erwin and Sherry and the crew at Broken Arrow's Montana lodge
Erwin and Sherry and the
Broken Arrow Lodge crew.

We are thankful for the wonderful part of Montana we live in — the beauty of the mountains, the richness of the Ruby River, and the splendor and variety of wildlife. We look forward to the opportunity to share our love of the outdoors with you. So, please call us at 1-800-775-2928 or contact us online and make a reservation for a very special vacation!

Take care and God bless,
Erwin & Sherry Clark

Erwin Clark, Outfitter #5715

P.S. Be sure to meet all of our Broken Arrow Lodge crew.

Dude Ranchers' AssociationWe are proud to be one of over 120 members in The Dude Ranchers' Association, which was formed in 1926 to preserve this special way of life and the wonderful environment in which it takes place. We went through a rigorous two year inspection and approval process to demonstrate that we provide a Western ranch vacation that meets the high standards of this association.

Erwin & Sherry Clark
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