Sunday Fishing

As we were leaving the lodge, there were some deer in front of us. We were turning up to the last gate to the main road when we saw some geese in the field in front of us. I took a picture to show the view as we turned onto the main road. A little farther down the road we saw a good herd of deer and then domestic buffalo. As we neared the end of the gravel road , we saw a Big horn sheep. We reached the river about 11 or so and headed to one of my favorite fishing spots. Erwin caught a few and decided to head upstream, but I stayed back to catch a fish before I moved on. I caught a really nice rainbow. Erwin and Nevaeh were catching a few here and there as we headed upstream. I was not connecting, but that was OK it was a great day to be fly fishing. I have another favorite spot and when I reached it, I started catching more fish. One was a big brown. A great day for me. Erwin had headed back and was fishing just below me when I caught the big brown, and he caught a really big brown that was over 20 inches and I had the camera. When we got in the truck to head home, Nevaeh was asleep in 5 minutes. We stopped to check on the horses at winter pasture and the mule named Lucky came over for a snack. He has quite a personality. We saw another herd of deer while we were in the horse pasture. The water is still low and the wind was blowing, but there is no day better than a day on the river fly fishing.

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi. Looking like you enjoyed a lot.

  2. Scott says:

    Is the picture above the buffalo a bighorn sheep?

  3. dranny says:


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