Fly fishing on Saturday

We only saw a couple sand hill cranes on the way down. We were joined by Erwin’s sister, Edie, and one of her beautiful labs, Tootsie.  For me, first cast had a fish. What a great start! I had trouble landing fish, must be my hands were too tired, I cleaned my house the day before. The weather was great, we had some rain showers, but we were under a bridge fishing so this was not a problem. The rain stopped and you would never know it had ever rained. The rest of the day was fabulous weather. We caught a lot of fish, but not as many of the bigger fish. They mostly ranged in the 14 – 18 inch range. Had one nice fish up to the shore ready to pull the hook and he jumped and took both my hooks with him and no picture. Nevaeh is gettting really good, she knows the midge hatch and the mayfly hatch. There was a really good hatch, but we didn’t try any dries even with the fish coming to the surface. We did really well on emergers. Toward the end of the day, they let some water out of the dam and brought the level up. Some moss was floating down, but the fishing remained good. Had to use less weight and not fish as deep. On the way home , we checked the horses and they were all there and looked good, except for the hair that is shedding off. Nevaeh wanted to pet her horse, Jose , but he wasn’t in the mood to put his head in the truck window. The mules, Lucky and Nell,  on the other hand would have gotten in with us if we would have opened the door for them. Looking forward to riding. At the horse pasture we saw more mule deer than we have seen in years. Herds of about 50 and there were three of them. On the way home , we found the elk. They have started to move back up the valley to the higher country. There were  at least a couple hundred strung across the hill.

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