Have an Unforgettable Montana Hunting Trip

Elk, Mountian Lion, Whitetail &; Mule Deer, Antelope & More • Bow & Rifle • Guided & Unguided
We have openings for guided back country elk hunters for 2021

We have 3 spots for guided back country elk hunters for 2020!

We also have room at the lodge!
We can help you with the license application process. For elk and deer, it is the Big game combination, for elk, it is the elk combination. These need to be applied for by March 15 of the year you wish to hunt. applicants are increasing and making it harder to be drawn, so purchasing a bonus point from July to September of the year prior to your hunt is very beneficial. fwp.mt.gov

NEW for 2020 – Mountain Lion Hunting in December

Hunt in the Heart of it All

You can’t wait to hunt in Montana – but it’s a big state and you may not be sure where to go.

Our hunting lodge and outfitter is located in the heart of Montana elk hunting country – nearly half of our state’s elk harvest comes from our region each year – and our guides are some of the top in the area with over 20 years’ experiencing guiding in the backcountry of the Snowcrest Mountain Range.

The National Forest that surrounds us is full of elk, deer, moose, antelope, and black bear. Mountain Lion Hunting in December. High Success!!!

Get Guided - Or Not!

You’re coming to Montana for one main reason – to harvest an animal – and yet you know there’s a reason it’s called “hunting” and not “killing.”

Our guides have done and seen it all and will do everything they can to help you fill your tag.

If you don’t want a guide by your side each day, we’ll still point you in the right direction with daily herd movement updates, as well as recommendations on where to go with maps and photos.

Enjoy Your Type of Hunting

Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Montana backcountry elk hunting experience, or want a more leisurely hunting trip, we’d love to host you!

We are primarily an elk area but we also hunt deer, both whitetail and mule, moose, mountain goat, antelope, and MOUNTAIN LION. In our area you can shoot a legal bull elk, brow tine law of a point of 4 inches or more on the main beam and can be only on one side, or an antlerless elk. Mule deer for area 324 requires a special permit, 324 is our primary elk area. Back country elk hunts in area 324, don’t offer deer hunting, unless you draw that permit.

Elk hunting trip in Montana
guided black bear hunting in Montana
Montana elk outfitter and guide
Elk hunting trip in Montana
guided black bear hunting in Montana
Montana elk outfitter and guide

How We Make Your Trip Amazing

Leave the Planning to Us

You want a memorable and successful Montana hunting trip, but where to start?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to figure out how to have the experience of a lifetime and come home with your tag filled.

We’ve been helping people have amazing hunting trips for over 30 years – out of our comfortable mountain hunting lodge, as well as in the backcountry.

Have the Hunt of a Lifetime

Whether you’re a bow or rifle hunting enthusiast, new to hunting or experienced, or will be hunting elk or deer, our guides will do everything they can to make your trip one to remember.

We’ll provide you a cozy place to stay, delicious and hearty home-cooked meals, and guidance on where to go, what to do, and how to do it – all based upon creating the experience of your dreams.

Memories to last a lifetime

” A True Western Experience” outfitter Erwin Clark # 5715, with over 50 years of hunting experience in this area you are assured of a quality hunt. With our prime location in Southwestern Montana, we can offer the best elk hunting that Montana has to offer. Hunts are on horseback, lodging in wall tents right in the heart of  the hunting.

Guided Montana Big Game Hunting Packages


Consider the cost of figuring out where to go and how to get the most out of your hunting trip, as well as the amount of time buying groceries and preparing meals while actually there – and after a long day hunting. How much better would it be to have someone do it all for you?

Whether you’re looking for a guided or unguided hunting experience, we exist to help create the overall Montana hunting trip you’ve been dreaming of. You won’t have to do the heavy lifting, you can just focus on hunting and enjoying your time here.

All of our guided hunting packages include one local Montana hunting guide for every two hunters, as well as comfortable sleeping accommodations, and three home-cooked meals per day. To maintain a high level of personal service, we limit our guests to 10-12 per week at the lodge.

Our backcountry camps are some of the finest in the hunting industry with new wall tents, wood stoves, carpeted floors, a bathroom, and a shower. We pack in over 100 horse loads of gear to ensure the comfort of our clients. Our horses are experienced in the mountains, shod for the conditions, and active all year round to be in the best shape for our hunters.


2020 Guided Archery (Bow) Hunting Dates :
  • September 4 – 10 (hunt 5 – 9)
  • September 10 – 16 (hunt 11 – 15)
  • September 16 – 22 (hunt 17 – 21)
2020 Guided Rifle Backcountry Elk Hunting Dates :
  • October 23 – 29 (hunt 24 – 38)
  • October 29 – November 4 (hunt Oct 30 – Nov 3)
  • November 6 – 12 (hunt 7 – 11)
  • November 12 – 18 (hunt 13 – 17)
2020 Guided Rifle Lodge Hunting Dates :
  • October 23 – 29 (hunt 24 – 38)
  • October 29 – November 4 (hunt Oct 30 – Nov 3)
  • November 6 – 12 (hunt 7 – 11)
  • November 12 – 18 (hunt 13 – 17)
  • November 18 – 30 (hunt 19 – 29)

2020 Guided Mountain Lion Dates

November 30 – December 6 ( hunt Dec 1 – 5 )

December 5 – December 11( hunt Dec 6 – 10)

December 10 -December 16 ( hunt 11-15)

December 15 -December 21 ( hunt 16-20)

December 26 -January 1 ( hunt Dec 27 – 31)

December 31 – January 6 ( hunt Jan 1 -5) 2020



Rates are for 2 hunters per guide and hunters must hunt together. One cannot be elk hunting and the other deer hunting.

You’re welcome to request a 1-on-1 guide, for an additional $1000 fee.

To hunt for an additional elk, the cost is $500.

What’s not included? Montana accommodation tax and hunting license(s).
Learn how to get licenses, get answers to more more FAQs, and read Broken Arrow policies here.

Unguided Montana Hunting & Lodging Packages

With our knowledge of the area and monitoring the elk, we provide information to plan your hunt each day to areas with elk. The assistance of maps and photographs help to clarify the area we will be sending you each day. You will need to have your own 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to the trail heads and then hunt on foot from there. The areas are accessible only by foot or horseback. We take on the average of 10 hunters at the lodge per week to keep your experience more personalized.

2020 Unguided Archery (Bow) Hunting Dates Available:
  • September 4 – 10
  • September 11 – 15
  • September 16 – 22
2020 Unguided Rifle Hunting Dates Available:
  • October 29 – November 5
  • November 6 – 12
  • November 13 – 19
  • November 20 -26

What’s not included in price? Montana accommodation tax and hunting licenses.

Montana hunting trip for elk
elk hunting in Montana
Montana hunting lodge