Montana Hunting Site

Montana hunting site for elk
Prime elk hunting territory.

We are a licensed Montana hunting outfitter in southwestern Montana's hunting region 3 which is one of the best Montana hunting sites available for elk. Nearly half of the entire elk harvested in the state of Montana come from this region. With a local herd in this area we are not dependant on a migration. All hunting is done within a 15-20 mile radius of the lodge. Depending on your ability and the method that is best suited for you, whether it be by foot, 4-wheel drive, or horseback.

We are surrounded by three mountain ranges in the Beaverhead National Forest that are full of elk, deer, moose, antelope, and black bear. Our Montana hunting site is remote but accessible with elevations between 7,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level. We have a wide variety of hunting terrain available ranging from moderate to rugged with 50% timber coverage. All these features combine for making great North American big game hunts!

Montana hunting guides' proud clients
Proud hunter shows off kill to
our Montana hunting guides.

Montana Hunting Guides

Our experienced Montana hunting guides have been hunting big game in Montana for many years. They are very knowledgable about the area, the big game, and the best way to take them down. As Montana hunting outfitters, we offer rifle and bow hunters either guided or unguided big game hunts on foot, horseback, or 4-wheel drive. If you are a new hunter, you may request a private Montana hunting guide for more personal attention for an additional fee. Choose us as your:

Montana archery and bow hunting opportunity
Archery/bow hunting for
deer, elk, and antelope.

Montana Archery/Bow Hunting

Average temperature: 20 to 70 degrees F.
Average elk bull size: 5' x 6'.

The Montana bow hunting season runs from September through mid-October. We offer a thrilling archery elk hunting experience with the highest concentration of elk available featuring the most bulls. Either sex gives you the option to shoot a brow tined bull or an antlerless elk. In our opinion, bow hunting elk offers the best results for a large bull as they are more vulnerable and active during the bugle season. The spine chilling sound of the bull elk bugling, horns rattling, elk cows calling, and close range encounters possible while archery hunting in Montana will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. And that's all before you meet the exhilirating challenge of harvesting an elk with your bow!

Montana archery/bow hunting outfitters for:

Big game rifle hunting elk kill
Big game rifle hunting for elk
deer, antelope, and more.

Big Game Rifle Hunting

Average temperature: -20 to +50 degrees F.
Average elk bull size: 5' x 6'.
The rifle season for big game hunting in Montana runs from mid-October to the end of November. Our world class elk hunts occur during the first week as the elk are still vulnerable and undisturbed, but there is more hunting pressure as a result of larger numbers of hunters in the area. The second and third weeks, however, have less pressure and fewer hunters in the hunting site which provides great Montana elk hunts as well. The later season fourth and fifth weeks usually have snowfall to bring the game down to lower elevations for easier hunting access. With the brow tine law in Montana, your odds for a nice elk bull are greatly increased.

Western elk hunt
Western elk hunt from
the backcountry.

Big game hunting in Montana:

Montana Hunting Trips

We offer two types of hunts:

Guided elk hunts in the backcountry
Guided elk hunt on horseback.

Guided Elk Hunts

Fully guided elk hunts include the assistance of experienced guides and the opportunity to hunt on horseback in one of the best Montana hunting sites.

Your first night is spent in the comfort of our mountain hunting lodge. Hunt all the first day while the gear goes in on pack horses from a different location and time, arrive at the camp that evening. Hunt all week staying in camp and then after hunting Friday, you stay at the lodge Friday night and depart Saturday. Only one campsite for the guided and one in a different location for the unguided drop camp.The next morning, pack horses take us to our Montana hunting site in the remote backcountry of the Beaverhead National Forest at the southern end of the Snowcrest Mountain Range. The campsite we use is only accessible by foot or horseback, therefore limiting public access and pressure. We have 4-6 hunters each week in camp. We provide one Montana hunting guide for every two hunters; private guides are available for more personal attention for an extra fee. We provide lodging at the campsites in large, new wall tents. One tent is the clients' sleeping quarters, the second is the cooking and dining area, and the third is for the Montana hunting guides. Wood stoves, carpeted floors, cots with foam pads for sleeping, and home-cooked meals provide warmth and comfort in the backcountry.

Please note that our backcountry outfitted hunts are for elk only. Montana deer hunting is available from the lodge or on specific public lands.

Guided Montana Elk Hunting Package

Big Game Hunting from
Our Montana Hunting Lodge

Enjoy your Montana hunting trip while staying at our beautiful Montana hunting lodge. We provide comfortable rooms in a new modern facility, three home-cooked meals served at your convenience, and hunting information. Even if you hunt without a Montana hunting guide, we monitor the elk movement daily in an effort to make your hunt more successful. We use a unique method of counseling utilizing topo maps, forest maps, and detailed photographs to direct you to the best areas and how to hunt them. This works very well in the terrain.

Montana elk hunting
Plentiful Montana elk makes
for many happy hunters!

As Montana hunting outfitters, we offer several options for guided big game hunting in Montana. Choose from deer, elk, antelope, or a combination. We have 10-12 hunters each week at the lodge. We provide one Montana hunting guide for every two hunters; private guides are available for more personal attention for an extra fee. With the fully guided hunts, outfitter sponsored guaranteed licenses are available. We hunt remote areas in Beaverhead National Forest in some of the finest Montana elk hunting country. We offer excellent areas to hunt on horseback in the mountainous, but moderate terrain. We also have excellent areas for hunting deer, antelope, moose, black bear, and upland game birds — not to mention fly fishing. We are happy to arrange meat processing, shipment, and taxidermy work for you as an added service.

Guided Lodge Hunt Packages

Unguided Directional Lodge Hunt Package

Hunting Rates and Itineraries

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