Montana Riding Vacations

Enjoy beautiful scenery during a Montana riding vacation.
Kids love Montana riding
vacations too!

Horse pack trips in Montana provide an unforgettable adventure into one of Montana's finest primitive wilderness areas. Montana pack trips are great for family vacations, nature photography enthusiasts, or anyone who just needs to get away from it all.

Our location in southwest Montana offers some of the finest horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains in moderate, yet mountainous terrain spanning 20 square miles. Our Montana pack trips take you through two beautifully forested mountain ranges with vast open fields blanketed with wildflowers. During your Montana riding vacation you'll be breathing the mountain fresh air, viewing elk, deer, moose, antelope, and other wildlife in their natural habitat, and sleeping under the stars like you've never seen them before!

Crossing wooded area during a horse pack trip.
Ah! What's not to love
on a Montana pack trip?

Best Season for Horse Pack Trips in Montana

The best times to see abundant wildlife during Montana riding vacations are June and late August. June features the calving season for elk, deer, and moose. Late August features the beginning of the elk bugling season. You will find the cooler day temperatures more comfortable during horse pack trips in Montana. There will be less insects to annoy you and the cooler night temperatures won't bother you while you're snug inside your sleeping bag.

Montana pack trip with breathtaking scenery.
The scenery is breathtaking
during a horse pack trip.

Montana Pack Trip Packages

We offer several Montana pack trips for horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains. Our pack trips are fully guided and designed to accommodate all levels of riders. We can ride directly from our Montana mountain lodge or trailer a short distance for a wider variety of areas to ride.

Bring your sleeping bag as we will be camping out in new wall tents. We'll give you three square meals a day because you'll work up quite an appetite riding on horse pack trips in Montana!

To make your Montana riding vacation more enjoyable, we take the time to fit you to your horse, your tack, the area conditions, and the length of time you'll be in the saddle. We provide horseback riding instructions if you're new to riding or need a little assistance. We make sure you are acquainted and comfortable with your horse before starting out on your Montana pack trip.

We have 18 horses and 8 mules available for riding in western saddles. You'll most likely ride a quarter horse, but we also have a Morgan, a couple of fox trotters, a percheron, an appaloosa and two big Draft horses.

The Escape Horse Pack Trip

This Montana pack trip includes 3 days of horseback riding, 3 nights lodging in wall tents, and all meals.

The Wilderness Adventure Horse Pack Trip

This Montana pack trip includes 5 days of horseback riding, 5 nights lodging in wall tents, and all meals.

The Pioneer Horse Pack Trip

This pack trip is a real Montana backwoods adventure! It includes 3 days of horseback riding, 2 nights sleeping under the stars with only a bed roll, and all meals.

The Backcountry Fishing Pack Trip

This pack trip is for anglers that want a real ‘River Runs Through It’ experience! It includes 3 days of horseback riding and fishing, 3 nights lodging in wall tents, and all meals.

Deluxe horse pack trip
Deluxe Horse Pack Trip:
Ride-A-Rama in August

Deluxe Horse Pack Trips in Montana

Broken Arrow Lodge's Ride-A-Rama!

We only offer this fun-filled Montana pack trip one week each August. You arrive on Sunday and spend the first night at our Montana mountain lodge. Then, it's off to our camp in the the spectacular Snowcrest Range of southwest Montana. Our mountain camp very comfortable with deluxe wall tent accommodations and showers.

We will range over 100 miles during our 6 exhilirating days of horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains with 5 nights of camping out. Riding in a different area each day, we will see abundant wildlife and wildflowers blanketing mountain meadows. While at camp, you may choose a short ride, a long ride, or just to relax at camp.

This once-in-a-lifetime Montana riding vacation ends when we get back to the lodge Saturday evening. Be sure to reserve your spot early so you don't miss out on this year's great horse pack trip in Montana!

Horse Pack Trips in Montana

Horse Pack Trip Rates and Itineraries

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